Pamela Rosenkranz


October 30 — December 22, 2016
88 Eldridge Street



“Anemine” is a substance based on ancient and abundant natural properties found in the Amazon. The molecular structure of chlorocruorin (green blood), which comes from annelids found in the rainforest, was synthesized and has been turned into a lacteal green distillate. Enhancing the intensity of human perception the substance’s impact echoes throughout the gallery’s spaces as a simulation of its own effects.

The exhibition’s light installation, which runs along the tracks of the gallery’s lighting system, is comprised of pure RGB green and blue projected onto the floor of the main spaces. It renders an artificial ambiance of light radiating through trees and plant leafage, water and skies. The image it produces is like a translation of the aerial view of the rainforest’s green vegetation and the blue water of the Amazon river’s serpentine movement.

Sampled sounds of the Amazon jungle, played in reverse, further permeate the galleries and reinforce the experience of an inversion of a primordial nature. While the sound generates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, it also invokes the violent natural processes of the anthropocentric era that it marks. As sound emanates from Amazon Echo speakers, technical devices controlled by artificial intelligence, the boundaries between the natural and the artificial become radically blurred.