Zin Taylor

The Bakery of Blok and the Three Forms of Unit

June 25 — August 8, 2009



Opening on Thursday, June 25, Miguel Abreu Gallery is pleased to present The Bakery of Blok and the Three Forms of Unit, Zin Taylor’s first one-person exhibition at the gallery.

Zin Taylor continues to explore the development of form as a densely layered process akin to organic growth. In this exhibition he presents an integrated group of works comprised of wood sculptures, photographs and a single channel video, all linked through the culturally potent metaphor of bread making – a process involving basic elements, activating agents, chemistry and time. Taylor’s generating elements, the daily consideration of pieces of bread and a group of abandoned blocks of wood found in his Brussels studio, are set in a narrative of transformation in which they become tools for populating their environment with other forms.