one work, one week

May 30 — August 10, 2008
36 Orchard Street



Miguel Abreu Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Sequence, an exhibition wherein over the course of ten weeks, several works will be installed, perhaps like frames in a film, one at a time, on the back wall of the main gallery space. After their time upstairs, exhibited works will then migrate to the downstairs gallery, accumulating over the summer to constitute the full sequence.

By contrast to our recent Regroup Show, in which works by gallery artists and others were placed in a more traditional spatial arrangement in both our upstairs and basement galleries, the time based configuration of this confrontation will explore the gaps and re-enforcements brought forth by the proposed ordering principle. What comes before and after will be the question here, not what sits left and right, or stands across the room.

Impromptu events generated by the group consideration of each work might take place during the show’s duration.