Rey Akdogan

night curtain

September 16 — October 14, 2012
36 Orchard Street

One of the particularities of the show is that it will be open to the public in the evening and night only, from dusk to midnight, Wednesday through Sunday. Within these late and dark hours of operation, Akdogan’s work will repurpose and sharpen lighting conditions, both those from the gallery’s varied existing scheme and those immediately received from the street. But the unquestioned norms and fleeting memory of other environments, ranging from industrial warehouses, aircraft hangars, factories, supermarkets, and perhaps even movie theatres, will also resonate in the space somewhat ambiguously. An initially hidden, tweaked, oversized industrial ceiling fan producing shadow effects; amber-toned translucent PVC strips bisecting parts of the space; a discrete step light positioned near an electrical outlet, along with projected slides made of theater lighting gels and a leftover piece of kiwi bag packaging, will all contribute to building the oblique, heightened atmospheric charge that, in the end, can be called the show.