Doomed and Famous: Selections from the Adrian Dannatt Collection

January 16 — March 13, 2021
36 Orchard Street




Miguel Abreu Gallery, in collaboration with Sequence Press, are delighted to announce Doomed and Famous: Selections from the Adrian Dannatt Collection, an exhibition accompanying the release of Dannatt’s book of the same title. The show, somewhere between a brocante, an alpine monastery library, and a cabinet de curiosité, gathers highlights from the author’s varied collections, assembled over the years and around the world.

The exhibition ranges from scraps of paper to rare signed publications, minimal sculpture and rococo treasures. Yes, there will thankfully be works by such renowned artists as Tina Modotti, Richard Prince, Nancy Spero, Richard Smith, Nan Goldin, Noguchi, Allan Kaprow, Rammellzee and Picasso. Yet, equally of interest will be a sweep of intriguing paraphernalia, objets trouvés and gifts by some more recherché writers, political activists, artists and friends.

Accompanying notes by Dannatt detail the history of the objects, the often surprising circumstances under which they entered his collection, their problems and provenance.

Signed copies of the book will be available along with a limited edition print by Hugo Guinness.

Works by Mitchell Algus, Laurie Anderson, Jay Batlle, Christian Bérard, Sheila Berger, Roger Blin, Derek Boshier, Juan Boza,
Karen Caldicott, Robert Creeley, Guy Debord, Bobby Driscoll, Graham Durward, Richard Floethe, Victoria Floethe, Jan Frank, Adam Fuss, John Giorno, Nan Goldin, Marie Gossart, Hugo Guinness, Brion Gysin, Anthony Haden-Guest, Hananiah Harari, Michael Holman, Duncan Hannah, Damien Hirst, Ralph Humphrey, Allen Jones, Jacqueline de Jong, Allan Kaprow, Tony Kaye, William King, R.B. Kitaj, Alison Knowles, Norman Lewis, Alexander Liberman, Siobhan Liddell, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Claude Lorrain, Marisol, Maria Martins, Beaux Mendes, Eric Mitchell, Tina Modotti, Robin Morgan, Olivier Mosset, Danny Moynihan, Matt Mullican, Isamu Noguchi, Oporto, Paul Pagk, Paul Păun, Pablo Picasso, Peter Pinchbeck, Philip Pocock, René Portocarrero, Richard Prince, Patrick Procktor, Peter Rose Pulham, Rammellzee, Alan Reid, Marcia Resnick, Walter Robinson, Salvator Rosa, Kathy Ruttenberg, Will Ryman, Giorgio Sadotti, Pieter Schoolwerth, Paul Sharits, Luc Simon, Richard Smith, Dan Sofaer, Nancy Spero, Robert Stanley, Saul Steinberg, William Strang, Ena Swansea, Philippe Thomas, Ruthven Todd, Amor Towles, Jocko Weyland, and many more.

Doomed and Famous: Selected Obituaries

Adrian Dannatt
Illustrations by Hugo Guinness
Sequence Press, January 2021