Omnicide II launch Ada Smailbegovic, Mónica de la Torre, and Simone White FÊTE DU BOIS A Conversation with Marta Kuzma, Lika Volk and Anton Varga Idiot, That’s Called Sculpture Lewitt: CURE book launch ROBIN MACKAY: By the North Sea Raskin: STATIONS event David Joselit and Marina Rosenfeld in conversation Episode 7: Blake Rayne, The Fold Episode 6: Jean-Marie Straub, France Against Robots Meanwhile on the L.E.S… Episode 5: Yuji Agematsu, Bowery & Delancey Meanwhile on the L.E.S… Episode 4: R. H. Quaytman, Nightingale Meanwhile on the L.E.S… Episode 3: Jimmy Raskin’s Proposal For Public Sculptures Meanwhile on the L.E.S… Episode 2: Raha Raissnia’s Kaleidoscope Meanwhile on the L.E.S… Episode 1: Jean-Luc & Jean-Luc Book Week V Badiou: The Dialectic in Politics: Affirmation, Negation, and the Affirmative Part of the Negation Jenna Bliss screening Omnicide launch Book Week IV: Late Arrivals Quinlan: Good Enough book launch Negarestani book launch Raha Raissnia, Stom Sogo MAG Marico Kondo & Yuji Agematsu, MAG Geoffrey Dorfman and Jenny Jaskey in conversation about the work of Milton Resnick Pasolini’s Bodies and Places launch Moulène, Badiou, Negarestani Conversation Marina van Zuylen book launch Badiou: Notion of Activist Art Badiou lectures Inventing the Future The Coup de dés, or the Materialist Divinization of the Hypothesis Contemporary Art Facing Historical Tragedies An evening of films about the making of Straub and Huillet films Chronicle of Anna Magdelena Bach 2 Films by Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub Straub Huillet: In Memoriam: Danièle Huillet (1936-2006) Pumhosl: Florian Pumhösl and Yve-Alain Bois in Conversation Lyall: On An Immigrant Affection James Benning: natural history Alain Badiou: Contemporary Art Confronting the 21st Century Reza Negarestani: Abducting the Outside: Modernity and the Culture of Acceleration François Laruelle: The Degrowth of Philosophy, Towards a Generic Ecology Blow Your Mind: On Freedom and Enlightenment A conversation between Ray Brassier, Suhail Malik & Reza Negarestani Alison Knowles: The Big Book Giuseppe Longo and Benedict Singleton: Perspective, Alienation, Escape Pamela Rosenkranz: No Core Book Launch Daniel Heller-Roazen: Dark Tongues