Regroup Show

Yuji Agematsu, Rey Akdogan, Hans Bellmer, Alex Carver, Moyra Davey,
Liz Deschenes, Tishan Hsu, Flint Jamison, Dana Lok, Jean-Luc Moulène,
R. H. Quaytman, Eileen Quinlan, Raha Raissnia, Blake Rayne, Milton Resnick, Matthew Ronay, Cameron Rowland, Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet

January 23 — May 8, 2021
88 Eldridge Street



Miguel Abreu Gallery is pleased to announce Regroup Show 2021, a group exhibition featuring works by gallery artists and friends of the gallery.

If a fundamental characteristic of human as well as social life is that they are comprised of a succession of moments of contraction and expansion – consider the basic movement of the heart itself – it feels like contraction might be the inevitable mode of existence in which to initiate and embrace 2021. The modest proposal of the Regroup Show is to create an opportunity to bring recent works by artists in the gallery’s community into immediate proximity, reaffirming the gallery space as a site for exchange, and simply put, a place to regroup.

A first iteration of Regroup Show was mounted at 36 Orchard Street in 2007, as a way to highlight the then burgeoning scene of artists showing together and side by side in the Lower East Side. This focus on creative friction and interaction seems ever more significant at the start of 2021, following a year of hardship and difficulty brought on by the global pandemic and at the end of a presidential administration that even in its last days continues to threaten the democratic values of the country. With the covid-19 vaccine already being distributed, Regroup Show offers a chance to pause, temporize, and reenergize before a new phase of potentially innovative, inclusive, and yes expansive cultural activity finds a way to take root.