Nour Mobarak (b. 1985, Cairo, Egypt) lives and works in Los Angeles. Her works were shown at and Rodeo Gallery (London, 2023 & 2017),  Bureau (New York, 2023), MIT List Visual Arts Center (Cambridge, 2022), Amant (Brooklyn, 2022), Kim? Contemporary Art Centre (Riga, 2021), Miguel Abreu Gallery (2021 & 2019), Hakuna Matata Sculpture Garden (Los Angeles, 2020), Museum of Contemporary Art (San Diego, 2020), and Cubitt Gallery (London, 2019). Her performances have taken place at the Renaissance Society (Chicago, 2022), the Museum of Contemporary Art (San Diego, 2020), the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, 2019), LAXART (Los Angeles, 2019), Potts Gallery (Los Angeles, 2018), Stadslimeit (Antwerp, 2016), and Cambridge University (Cambridge, 2010), among others.


Her music has been released by Recital (Los Angeles), Cafe Oto’s TakuRoku (London) and Ultra Eczema (Antwerp), and is included in the Whitney Museum Library’s Special Collections. She has had sessions on BBC Radio 3, NTS Radio, and Dublab Radio. Her poetry has been published in Triple Canopy, F.R. David, The Claudius App, and the Salzburg Review, among others.


Her first catalog Sphere Studies and Subterranean Bounce was published in 2021 by Recital (Los Angeles).

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