Sequence 7: one work, one week

March 11 — June 21, 2020
36 Orchard Street

Miguel Abreu Gallery is pleased to announce the opening, on Wednesday, March 11th, 2020, of Sequence 7: one work, one week, an exhibition wherein over the course of several weeks a single artwork will be on view at our 36 Orchard Street space for the duration of one week. This sequencing of objects by various artists articulated over time constitutes a break from the traditional group show in which works are installed in relation to one another in space rather than time. Each artist’s work will be announced via Instagram on the day preceding its unveiling.

Week 1
Scott Lyall, Superstar
Ink-printed onto large canvasses, Lyall’s Superstars are made by layering photographed flashes of color, the result of the viewer’s retinal encounter from a particular angle with the silver surfaces of his Nanofoil (SLStudio.clone) engravings. The performances of light in each individual Nanofoil are impossible to capture, as they produce a blur of colored patches and flares. Nonetheless, these accidents are gathered and preserved as fragmentary information patterns. Then, by assembling them in printed layers, Lyall transfers them to another format in his work – the painting-object functioning as a screen or mask. Painting thus registers a final transformation. What was once sub-visual has been passed onto canvases as mists and clouds. This total movement from nano-engraving to painting, from latent appearance to atmospheric visual effect is the dialectical passage of what the artist calls Superstar.