Chronique d’Anna Magdalena Bach
47th Film Fest Gent, Belgium
October 13 — October 24, 2020
Chronique d’Anna Magdalena Bach

Museum of Fine Arts, Bilbao

November 22, 2020


Chronique d’Anna Magdalena Bach

Museum of Fine Arts, Bilbao

November 22, 2020
Liz Deschenes
Featured Speaker

Filter Photo Festival, Chicago

Online, free via Zoom with registration
September 9, 2020, 7pm EST

as part of Virtual Cinema
Film at Lincoln Center, New York

September 4 — September 10, 2020
La France contre les robots

New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival

St. Petersburg, Russia
September 1, 2020
Nicht versöhnt... (Not Reconciled)
Cinémathèque Française, Paris
August 20, 2020, 7:30pm
La France contre les robots (France Against Robots)
Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland
August 15, 2020

Broadway Cinematheque, Hong Kong
July 11 & 16, 2020

Episodes 1 - 6
Einleitung zu Arnold Schoenbergs Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene / Toute révolution est un coup de dés / Gens du Lac

on the occasion of the publication of Schriften von Danièle Huillet und Jean-Marie Straub
66th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
May 13 – 18, 2020

Meanwhile on the L.E.S... Episode 5: Yuji Agematsu, Bowery & Delancey


Alain Badiou
From False Globalisation to the One Communist
World, via the Question of ‘Foreigners’

Translated by Robin Mackay

Alain Badiou
Our Wound is Not So Recent
Théâtre de la Commune, Aubervilliers

Christian Wolff in conversation with Alex Waterman

Dominique Païni
Staub, Hölderlin, Cézanne
Carly Busta
Inside Out: Fantasies of an Institutional Body
Publishing, Special Editions
In association with Urbanomic